Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Perfect Makeup Look for a Date with Hubby ♥ Miss Bow Bow Eyelid Tape VIDEO Tutorial

Last weekend I posted up some pics I took of myself on my Facebook and some girls commented asking how I did my face makeup so I figured I would just do a similar makeup tutorial of the look that night when I went on a date with my hubby. And guess what?! Finally, my videos will all be HD!!!! LOL, I personally can't stand watching makeup tutorials in really bad quality definition so I went out and bought a new camera which is the Sony NEX-3N in white =). I am totally in love with it and I think it is the perfect cam for a girl

My old cam works great too, but only for picture taking, so I found myself another excuse to spend money hehe. But don't be shocked at my bare face lol. Since the video will be available for watching at 1080 HD, the flaws on my face would be impossible to hide heh. Choose the quality of the video at your own risk! Lol.

It is getting extremely hot here in Taiwan. Sometimes I feel like I can't even breathe in this amount of heat and on top of that, Taiwan has such a humid climate, which makes things even worse. As you can imagine, the amount of time your face makeup can last in America will definitely not last here. So I experimented around and found the best way to get the most long lasting base foundation in the summer. For the lovelies living in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, I am sure the weather there is very similar. So hopefully, you will find the face makeup tips useful in this video tutorial =).

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I am planning to do a June favorites and my daily skin care routine post on my next entry so stay tuned!


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