Sunday, 30 June 2013

[Share❤] Japan Happie Nuts Magazine 2013.06 Issue Makeup Tutorial Sections

Hi guys, how was your weekend? It's Sunday night in Taiwan and I was originally going to do an entry on the makeup I did on Saturday for the date with my hubby because after I posted up a pic on my fb, I had some people asking me how I did my foundation. Anyways, so I didn't end up working on the tutorial since I wasn't feeling too well all day so I just chilled at home and relaxed. Even when I am resting, I still can't keep myself away from makeup lol. So I thought I would do a monthly share of my current favorite Japanese magazine. Even though their fashion style may not be what I like, I LOVE reading their makeup tutorial sections. So I will be posting up the pages on makeup tutorials for you ladies =). And yes, I know it's all in Japanese and I do not understand a word of it, but just looking at the photos are satisfying enough for me and I personally think the photos are quite self-explanatory. Enjoy!

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I will post up the tutorial for the date look I did over the weekend soon as promised so stay tuned❤


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