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[Share❤] Japan Happie Nuts Magazine 2013.06 Issue Makeup Tutorial Sections

Hi guys, how was your weekend? It's Sunday night in Taiwan and I was originally going to do an entry on the makeup I did on Saturday for the date with my hubby because after I posted up a pic on my fb, I had some people asking me how I did my foundation. Anyways, so I didn't end up working on the tutorial since I wasn't feeling too well all day so I just chilled at home and relaxed. Even when I am resting, I still can't keep myself away from makeup lol. So I thought I would do a monthly share of my current favorite Japanese magazine. Even though their fashion style may not be what I like, I LOVE reading their makeup tutorial sections. So I will be posting up the pages on makeup tutorials for you ladies =). And yes, I know it's all in Japanese and I do not understand a word of it, but just looking at the photos are satisfying enough for me and I personally think the photos are quite self-explanatory. Enjoy!

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I will post up the tutorial for the date look I did over the weekend soon as promised so stay tuned❤


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

[Extreme Makeover Vol.1]Fly Up Beauty Color HD Series Demonstration ☆ Japan Tear Drop Eye Makeup & Miss BowBow Eyelid Tape Tutorial

Both of the photos above were taken by me with a great digital camera under regular lights and no flash. Photos are uploaded as is, without alterations or Photoshop.
Another Before photo below.
After photo taken by me under really bright white light with no flash.
The two photos below are taken by my friend with the self shot camera on her iphone. 
I am sure after seeing the above photos, all of you are probably thinking how in the world was the transformation accomplished. Before I begin the tutorial on how to solve some of the most common concerns Asians have with their facial features and skin, I want to talk about the highlight of this makeover which is the Fly Up Beauty Color HD Foundation Series. Those who have not heard this brand, you are missing out big time! Now, let me begin by giving you a brief background about this company.

In order to keep up with the high resolution digital era, for the skin to maintain it's flawless look under the lens of high quality pictures, famous French cosmetics brand FLY UP BEAUTY COLOR developed an exclusive HD digital maintenance makeup line that is jointly recommended by makeup artists designated by the top A list stars and fashion magazine photographers. By combining with invisible pores technology and addition of luxurious skin care ingredients, along with support from a team of development consultants consisting of the best elites in the cosmetic and photography industry classy, this company integrated the concept of professional makeup, photography, optics, Soft Focus HD technology and several years of experience to create a series of products guaranteed to achieve top supermodel flawless skin! This company covers areas of expertise such as fashion shows, idol dramas, superstar concerts, movies and music videos and so on. Many entertainment fashion circles now specify the use of Fly Up Beauty Color's HD Foundation Series for their base makeup. It is known that their products are used frequently by the most famous professional makeup artist in China and Taiwan, Alice and Joan, who each have worked with top celebrities such as Fan BingBing (范冰冰), Annie Yi (伊能靜), Jay Chou (周杰倫), An Yi-Xuan (安以軒), Alice Tzeng (曾愷玹), Megan Lai (賴雅妍), Ivy Chen (陳意涵), Bianca Bai (白歆惠) and hundreds more. They are also designated makeup artists for the most popular TV dramas, music videos and commercials. They both stated that Fly Up Beauty Colors HD Foundation products are their top choice when it comes to appearing on the big screen which can now project flaws on the skin 6 times cleared and larger with the advanced technology of high definition TV.

After hearing so many incredible things about this company's products, I wanted to see they really work like a miracle as described so I decided to give Maggie, my long time friend since junior high, a makeover. I felt she was a perfect candidate for a 100% genuine review of their products since she's always had acne prone skin and related problems. Over the years, the amount of acne scars have accumulated which are incredibly hard to get rid of. She also has a combination type of skin with her T-Zone and nose area quite dry but everywhere else oily. She told me she never uses liquid/fluid foundation since they just make her skin look horrendous, but decided to give Fly Up Beauty Color's Foundation Set a try.
When I received their products, their packaging has already won me over. It looked very high end and seemed to be made with quality and care.
The HD Foundation Set comes with 4 products:
1. HD Foundation Primer
2. HD BB Makeup Base SPF25 PA+++
3. HD Liquid Foundation
4. HD Compact Powder which comes in 3 different shades. I will be using the lightest shade, F00.

I forgot to take a picture of this so the above photo was taken after it was used. Even before these products were used, I was amazed at the quality of the bottle and the design looked simply yet very classy. Now, let's begin the tutorial.
Step 1. I applied the HD foundation primer on Maggie's face after she completed her usual skin care routine.
 Step 2. Applied HD BB Makeup Base with a foundation brush. I used the Dior backstage foundation brush introduced in my previous entry.

As the pictures show, the redness, uneven skin tone has disappeared by 60% and spots/scars are concealed 50%! The BB makeup base was very easy to blend as well.
Step 3. Applied HD Liquid Foundation with the same foundation brush. Some of you may find it odd that this foundation is only available in one shade because I sure did. After I did some research, I found out this product is able to adjust its shade to match the person's skin tone. It sounded like bogus to me.

After pumping the foundation on the back of my hand, my heart sinked because it honestly looked so dark! I thought it would be too dark for Maggie's skin tone, let alone mine! But the miraculous thing was after I spread out the excess foundation on the back of my hand with the same brush, the shade began to match my hands skin tone!
After applying the foundation, Maggie's zit was covered at least 80%! At this point, I was completely blown away at how much coverage this product provided! And I honestly did not even use much! I pumped an amount that I thought was appropriate but ended up using only HALF of it! With my past experiences of high coverage foundation, they all dry up very fast and quite difficult to blend but none of that applies with this HD bottle! Maggie's dark circles were covered almost 90% without any creases at all! I simply am at loss for words of how great this product is. Even Maggie, who is so against liquid foundations due to her skin type and condition, even said she is going to order one online as soon as she gets home.
Step 4. Apply Dior Shimmer Illuminating Powder on nose, forehead, chin and lower eyelids and shadowing the sides of the face with Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder. For details, please refer to my previous tutorials.
Step 5. Apply YSL Touche Eclat on lower eyelids. Draw a V shape then blend with fingers.
Step 6. Perfect the skin with Cle De Peau concealer using a concealer brush.
Step 7. Applied HD Compact Powder with the sponge given. 
Maggie's skin looked even more flawless and natural after applying the powder. Her pores have completely disappeared and coverage has increased to 90%. Even though this line's products provide amazing coverage, it did not make her skin look cakey or too heavy! And her cheeks, strangely, had a natural redness healthy glow to them! I don't think I need to say more since the photos speak a thousand words. I give the HD series a 5/5 and I would most definitely purchase it again!
Step 8. Dab Etude House Baby Glow Stick and lightly tap on the bridge of the nose 3-4 times.
Step 9. I outlined Maggie's eyebrows with Kate Dual Ends Eyebrow Pencil in BR-1. I used a light shade for pencil because Maggie's brow shape was not done correctly and the eyebrows I want to achieve for this look are the kind seen on numerous Japanese magazine models and in Korean dramas which is thicker, flatter and lighter in color. I used the opposite end which is the powder to make the tip of her brows more natural. Go over any areas that's too light with Miss Hana Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. We don't want her brows to look too light since her hair color is natural black. Finalize with Ettusais eyebrow mascara in light brown.
Step 10. Using the lightest shade from Integrate Eyebrow Palette BR731, shadow the nose to make it stand out more. Please refer to previous tutorial videos for detailed demonstration.

If you go back to the top and look at the Before picture, you will see that Maggie's eyes are not the same size. It is mostly due to the difference in size of her double eyelids. Also, her eyelid crease is not very visible so sometimes she looks like she only has single eyelid. As a result, without proper application, her eyes will look small, very droopy, making her appear tired all the time or her eyes will seem even more different in size if you use the wrong application method to fix this problem. I will teach you how to solve all those problems while making your eyes at east 1.5 larger with the Japan tear drop eye makeup and use of Miss Bow Bow double eyelid tape.

Items Used for Japan Tear Drop Eye Makeup:

  • Nars Eye Shadow Primer
  • Dolly Twinkle False Lash in BC18, B08 and TS19
  • Miss BowBow False Lash in 560
  • Lunasol Christmas 2012 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette
  • MSH Love Liquid Liner in Rich Black
  • Japan DUP Eyelash Fixer Glue in Clear
  • Miss Bow Bow Double Eyelid Tape Regular Type 

Step 1. Apply Nars Eyeshadow Primer all over upper eyelids.
Step 2. Apply "A" all over eyelids to brow bone.
Step 3. Apply "B" all over eyelids to natural crease.
Step 4. Using a crease blending brush (I am using the MAC 217), apply "C" 1/3 of the outer corner creating a V shape but do not go above the crease. We are not trying to create a cat eye look, this step is simply to get a more in depth eye socket. Blend inwards til shadows show a nice gradient color.
Step 5. Use the same dark shade and apply 1/3 of the outer corner of LOWER lash line.
Step 6. To achieve the very popular tear tank innocent look, apply D generously on the first 2/3 of lower eyelid blending with the outer 1/3 dark brown.
Step 7. Dip into E, then gently press on the first 2/3 of lower eyelids.
Step 8. Draw a very thin upper lash line with MSH Love Liquid Liner with a slight wing at the end.
Step 9. Apply Dolly Twinkle False Lashes in BC18 then layer BC08 on top of it.
Step 10. Cut Dolly Twinkle TS19 in single strands and Miss Bow Bow 560 into 6-7 parts. I do this to make lower false lashes look more natural.
Step 11. Starting at the inner corner where your pupil begins, start applying the shortest part from Miss Bow Bow 560. then work outwards. Do not leave spaces in between and the lashes should be longer as you move towards outer corner.
Step 12. Take the single strands from TS19 and apply 3-4 strands at the outer parts of lower lashes to create a more innocent look.
Step 13. Use the same MSH liquid liner, lightly line the upper half of inner corners. Do not over do it or eyes will look too harsh.
Step 14. Apply Miss Bow Bow double eyelid tape. I've gotten asked by a lot of my customers and readers on how to apply Miss Bow Bow eyelid tape since they are different from the usual tapes you see on the market and this is also a crucial step of this tutorial so I will be explaining with the help of detailed pictures.

Take out the glue and eyelid tapes but do not throw out the box since there's use for it later.

Peel off 2 pieces of the eyelid tapes from the sheet then set the pack aside.
 Using a tweezer, carefully remove the net (the part that we'll be using) from the film on the back.
Place the eyelid net on the box that you saved before. The clear plastic is perfect for applying glue without making a mess.
 Apply glue generously all over the eyelid net.
 Let it sit for 15 seconds.
 Pick it up with a tweezer holding on the end, place the eyelid tape where you feel is most appropriate and depending on your preferences. You can also cut the tape into a moon crescent shape. Since everyone's eye shape is different, there is no set rule and it is through experience that you find the best spot that fits you perfectly. The only key point to remember is to keep it natural looking and make sure both eyes are symmetric.

Light press down on the net to make sure every part is glued on properly. Open your eyes and use a V-shape applicator to adjust the crease. If you don't have one, the same tweezer will do. You just have to careful and extra gentle so you don't end up poking your eyelids.

 Look how invisible the eyelid tapes are! It's amazing isn't it??? Unless you look super closely, otherwise they honestly cannot be seen and they don't ruin your eye makeup as well. One important point to remember at all times is this type of eyelid tapes are to be applied AFTER all your eye makeup is done.

Wow! What a huge difference! No more droopy eyes or one larger than the other! Double eyelids are very visible yet natural looking =).
Lip products used in this look:

  • Canmake Moisturizing Lip Concealer 
  • The OB for Shu Uemura 2013 Spring Sakura Limited Edition Collection in Princess Coral
  • Navalli Hill Long wear Lip Gloss in Sweet Berry

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PS. I am NOT a professional makeup artist. Everything I know or have learned is from experience and simply because makeup is my greatest hobby since grade 9. All the tutorials done are simply for fun with the hope that it will help others.