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A Look Inside Cosmetic Laser Toning Surgery ❤ My 7-Day Recovery Journal

I thought long and hard about whether I should publicize this entry for quite some time since it is indeed very personal, but still decided to go through with it because I believe it will help others who are seriously considering getting a cosmetic laser surgery done. Of course, a cosmetic laser surgery may not seem like a huge deal compared to say, getting a liposuction or breast implant, but if it's not done the right way or the recovery was not executed out with care, it may result in irreversible damages to your skin. So I will take you through the entire process from beginning to end of the entire surgical process as well as the recovery period.
The cosmetic surgery clinic I visited is called ARS Cosmetic Surgery Clinic which offers services in medical cosmetology, plastic surgery and dermatology. It is situated in the most prominent area in Taipei City; located in a high rise building on a major road very close to the City Hall metro station.

The environment of the clinic was very clean and the heart-warming design made patients feel welcomed.

The receptionist was very friendly and greeted me immediately once I walked through the door. She got up and guided me to the couch and soon after brought out a delicious cup of fruit tea for me while I waited. Even though I arrived 15 minutes earlier than my actual appointment, they did not keep me waiting for too long. A nurse later came out and brought me to the doctor's office for consultation prior to the surgery. 
I was very lucky to be appointed the head doctor of the entire clinic who graduated from medical school of National Taiwan Univeristy majoring in dermatology and have numerous experiences conducting practice in the top major hospitals in Taiwan. I was surprised at how young he was and I must point out, it is absolutely incredible that he is honestly the one person who I can literally say the complexion to be 100% flawless! It is so hard to believe a man to simply out beat any female I have known in my life who I have admired for "perfect" skin. Knowing his background and just seeing how well he takes care of himself, it is quite obvious that he is a professional and true enough, he was able to directly pin point exactly what the problems with my skin are. My skin's condition is definitely above average, the only problems I had were minor acne scars, some large pores and of course, freckles that I've had since forever which was passed down to me from my Mom. After asking for my opinion, we decided to go for the C9 Laser Toning Surgery. 
A brief background about C9 Laser Toning:
C9 Purifying Laser makes the use of selective laser photothermal therapy to promote the heat generated by the growth of collagens, resulting in smaller pores and firmness of the skin. Combined with the latest technology, PTP MODE-photoacoustic (light shock) and photothermal (light and heat), the originalone-time laser beam is split into two functional stages which is more effective than the old method of C6. 
Using the principle of selective photothermolysis therapy, laser light thermal effects automatically detect accumulation of melanin (spots, scars, freckles) and produces light shock wave treatment which instantly crushes them. It is able to accurately calculate the contact time and energy to prevent the surrounding skin from damage. The main function of this C9 laser toning surgery is to rebuild collagen structure which can improve fine lines and by shattering melanin, the skin appears more transparent, white and is no longer dull. Increase in heat allows sebum linear to shrink which tightens coarse pores. The laser beams are also able to improve excessive oil secretion and kill bacteria inhibiting the pores which cause acne. Furthermore, this surgery also improves sagging skin on the face and produces a V-shaped line.
After a decision is made, a certified medical assistant brought me to a table and asked me questions about any medical allergies I have and my past experience with cosmetic surgery as well as my daily skin care routine. It is very important that they ask these questions since all the above will effect whether this surgery can be carried out. After all indications give out a clear "okay" sign, the assistant explained in details the surgery I am about to go through including the amount of pain I would be expecting, recovery period, etc. so there will not be any "surprises". After all necessary info has been thoroughly passed on to me, I was then asked to sign an agreement form, which is a standard procedure for all cosmetic surgeries, big or small. 

I was brought to an area with very cute cabinet for patients to put their bags in and a bench to sit on while we change into disposable slippers since no shoes are allowed once past the reception area. 

After, I was led to a waiting area which looked so much like a homey comfortable living room with lots of open space. 
Again, I did not wait too long for my surgery to begin. 

Your skin must be 100% cleansed prior to the surgery. Even though I was told I could wear eye makeup, I thought it'd be best if I went in completely bare faced so the cleanse was completed in no time. Just by the way this clinic's medical assistant handle its patients and how familiar she was with this task, I could tell they were all professionals. She was able to effectively cleanse my face in such gentle motion yet leaving my skin feeling more clean than ever! It felt great like I was in a spa. Anesthesia is not absolutely necessary, but this clinic always perform this procedure nonetheless. 
 While the assistant was applying the anesthesia gel, she was very gentle and made sure I was not feeling any sort of discomfort since some of their patients do have minor allergy against it which may result in a slight sting. I waited about 20 minutes for the anesthesia to be in full effect then the assistant came back and washed it off. After, I was brought to the laser surgery room for my doctor to perform laser toning.

The blanket was so comfy I literally fell asleep....

All of their operating machines are government certified. 
The surgery definitely didn't hurt much at all. Some parts didn't feel a thing but some there were minor degree of pain but nothing that is unbearable. However, it also depends on a person's tolerance for pain so it's hard to say. To me, it felt like someone was flicking an elastic band on my face. During the surgery, the doctor was also very gentle and chatted with me to steer my attention away from the pain. Also, because all my freckles were on my cheeks, so he spent extra time on them with more shots of higher voltage. He kept asking if I felt okay, making sure I wasn't feeling uncomfortable. But the odd thing was, I felt the cheeks was the one part I did not feel any pain.
 Even though I was warned of the redness and swell prior to surgery, I gotta say I was shocked at how bad my skin looked. Putting aside my worries, I decided to trust the clinics professionalism and that the redness would improve drastically after a couple hours.
Immediately after surgery, a licensed medical assistant came in and applied a soothing and calming mask on my skin for about 20 minutes. 
Then the assistant applied the clinic's prescribed medical cream for sensitive skin that help with the healing process (scabbing) and itchiness that may occur as well as basic post-surgery skin care products and sun screen. 
The clinic also gave me an extra jar of the medical cream to help with any discomfort or itchiness I may have at home. I also purchased 2 sheets of their bio fiber hydration mask. 

Day 1: I went home immediately since it was extremely sunny that day so I did not want to linger outdoors for too long. I arrived at home about an hour and half later and I was very pleased at how fast the redness went away! Other than my cheeks, most of the redness disappeared about 90%.

After cosmetic laser surgery, you cannot shave or apply makeup for 48 hours. Also, keeping your skin hydrated at all times and applying sun block with at least SPF30 indoors and SPF 50 outdoors during day time are the 2 most important points to remember for a speedy recovery to achieve best result. Also, lock away all your whitening skin care products since you CANNOT use them during the next 7 days. It is best to use organic skin care products during the next 2 weeks and keep your skin care routine as simple as possible. Try to use bio fiber intense hydration masks on a daily basis, if not, at least once every other day. 
NOTE** All photos below were taken first thing in the morning after I get out of bed. No makeup at all and no photoshop. Also, I specifically turned off the airbrush effect on my camera so the result is actually genuine. 
Day 2: Redness has further decreased and swelling has improved as well.

Day 3:

 Day 4: Scabs appear to begin peeling.
Day 5: I noticed a significant improvement on my pores this day. My skin seemed brighter and pores appeared much smaller than they were before the surgery. Also, scabs have started to peel off naturally. 

Day 6: Scabs have come off about 80%.

Day 7: Scabs have come off completely! I am loving the improvement of my skin! Other than the light pink pigmentation of my cheeks, I cannot be any happier with the result. My freckles have lightened significantly and even my Mom has noticed such improvement. 

During the entire week, I only used the medical cream my doctor prescribed me ONCE. I am not sure if it's because my body type just adjusts so well or what, even though I did feel itchiness in the latter part of the week, it wasn't so bad to the point that I felt the need to apply the cream. Also, the itchiness goes away quite quickly. All in all, I am very pleased with the result of this surgery and I will definitely consider going in for a second treatment =). 

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  1. The Laser Toning removal procedure takes about 45 minutes. You will be asked to cleanse your face thoroughly.