Thursday, 11 July 2013

3 Concept Eyes Makeup Haul Review ❤ Sparkling Orange Summer Look Video Tutorial

Hi lovelies! Sorry about the lack of update for the past week. I have been resting due to a cosmetic laser surgery I got done which is the main reason I have been away since I wanted to let my skin rest so I didn't apply any sort of makeup, at least for the first part of healing process anyways even though makeup application is allowed the next day. Yesterday was the 4th day of recovery so I thought I would test out my "concealing" skills since I had patches of scabs on my cheeks from the surgery and plus, I was going on a date with my hubby and I wanted to show you girlies some of the 3CE goodies I hauled last week. In the video, you can see how frustrated I was at how dry my skin was! My doctor has already warned me of this but I didn't know it was that bad considering I've been using bio fibre masks for intense hydration everyday for the past week. Anyways, it just made applying makeup much more frustrating than it should but none the less, I still managed to create a look I was satisfied with so I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial.

Products I used for this look:
1. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation in #4
2. Ipsa Concealing Palette
3. Nars Bronzer in Laguna
4. Dior Sheer Illuminating Powder
5. Etude House Baby Glow Stick
6. Fly Up Beauty Color HD Powder Compact
7. 3 Concept Eyes Sparkling Eye Shadow in Star Seed and Neptune
8. 3 Concept Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in #10 Mojito
9. Mabelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara
10. Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliner
11. Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner
12. Dolly Twinkle False Lashes in BC-13
13. Canmake Lip Concealer
14. 3CE Lip Lacquer Gloss in Bon Bon

Note* Sorry the ending was cut off in the video =(. My camera ran out of battery and I was in a hurry to head out. Also, I didn't even notice my mirror was blocking the view ><. Normally, I am sure I would've spotted this error but I was honestly not getting much sleep at all this week because the wounds on my cheeks were quite itchy and I kept on having to refrain myself from scratching which is the number #1 big NO-NO after laser surgery. Anyways, forgive me girlies and I promise the next video would be much better~  I took a picture of my lips so you will be able to see how the gloss looks.

I still have not tried the orange and white eyeliner, the blush, lip marker and lipstick, but with the products I tried I am giving 3CE a definite 5/5. Their products are amazing and the price I paid for them makes it even more awesome! Not only are the shadow colors great, they are also very pigmented with just the right amount of sparkles. Many times, I find sparking eye shadows leave excess powder flying everywhere, making a mess out of the perfect foundation base I just spent 20 minutes on! A perfect example of that kind of eye shadow would be LORAC. Ya, great color and pigmentation but terrible texture that leaves sparkles flying everywhere. The eyeliner also glides on smoothly and is quite long lasting. It is definitely water proof since I tested it under running water and it did not come off at all. I tried washing it off with makeup remover but it did not come off til I rubbed quite hard. As for the lip lacquer gloss, I love the color but I found it a tad too dry for my lips and it takes a couple swatches to even out the color, but other than that, great lip product!
I will be posting a detailed entry on the surgery I did on Monday and as well as daily recordings of my recovery so stay tuned ❤.
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