Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Navalli Hill Spring Summer Collection Review & Swatches

Products used from Navalli Hill in the above look: 

  • Color Correcting Photo Finish Peach Gold
  • Shimmer Blush Compact in Climax 
  • Pure Sheer Lip Treatment in L322

Being a makeup junkie, browsing through my favorite beauty blogs was incorporated into my life as a daily routine. About half a year ago, I came across this Taiwanese cosmetic brand called Navalli Hill through numerous reviews on Taiwanese beauty blogs and was amazed at the amount of recommendations it received. After knowing about Navalli Hill's newest Spring Summer Collecion, I knew I must give this brand a try so I went online and ordered much more than I planned to because all their products looked so great and I wanted to test out every single color! I ended up buying  their popular Studio Skin More than Primer Color Correcting Photo Finish (The Chinese name for it is 調亮大師美肌露), 4 Shimmer Blush Compacts out of the 6 colors available, 4 colors from the Pure Sheer Lip Treatment line, 1 lip gloss and 5 Long-Wear Cream Shadow.

The Color Correcting Photo Finish comes in 2 different skin tones, Peach Gold and Bronze Gold. Peach Gold is used for light/fair skin tones and Bronze for darker skin tones. The two colors can also be used together where the Peach Gold would act as a highlighter and Bronze Gold would be applied as a Bronzer/Shadower. I bought the Peach Gold since I have a light skin tone. 
The design of the tube is great; allowing product itself be squeezed out easily. The size of the opening is perfect so you don't get too much with just one light squeeze. The color is a sheer pink with traces of pretty shimmers and it's light oil free texture blends very easily. 
Right after applying this product on my primer, I could already feel a difference in the look of my skin with the right areas appearing more stand out and glisten naturally under the light. 

The Shimmer Blush Compacts come in 6 colors but I only purchased 4 that I felt would best fit my skin tone. The colors I purchased are Clear Pink, Candy Crush, Macarons and Climax. The compact is divided into 2 sections with one cream providing a natural shade and the powder to set the blush and can also be used on its own. 

The colors turned out to be just downright beautiful! I was amazed at how easily the cream blended into my foundation and it has just the right amount of pigmentation! After applying a layer of the powder, the blush's color became even more natural and it seemed as if I was blushing naturally. 

Because my makeup collection is overflowing with numerous lip products and some I have not even used yet, so I tried very hard to suppress the urge of buying every color available for the lip treatment, giving myself the excuse of not many much of lip "treatment" sticks lol. The focus of this product was to provide natural pigmented long lasting colors while moisturizing the lips. The ingredients of avocado and vitamin E provide a layer of protection on our lips, preventing dryness and cracks so our lips will stay healthy even when makeup is applied! I ended up picking 4 lipsticks and one lip gloss with the L327 (Sakura Pink) and L322 (Sweet Orange) from the Spring/Summer Collection. The rest of the colors are from last year but I still could not resist the temptation lol. 
Before even applying the lipsticks on my lips, I could already feel the moisture they provided just by swatching them on paper. The colors were gorgeous and they just glide on very easily. Now let's see how each color looks on my lips! By this time, I had ran out of battery on my digital camera so I had to take these with my iphone so please bare with the photo quality. 
I must say the colors looked even better on my lips! And I was blown away by how moisturizing they were! Not only could it be used as a lip balm, the amount of color pigmentation was just right for any natural look during the day no matter if you are attending classes or going to work. 

The Long Wear Eye Shadow Cream collection Navalli Hill created this season focused on neutral long lasting shades with 6 colors in total and 5 of them being earthy tones. I am a huge fan of brownish/nude/neutral/earthy colors so I ended up purchasing the entire collection except for the purple.
Again, I was not disappointed by the quality of Navalli Hill's products. The texture of the eye shadow cream was very soft and just glided on so smoothly. The color pigmentation was wonderful with delicate sparkles and shimmers evenly spread out when blended. #11 could be used as a great eye shadow primer and #10 an amazing base for building up a smoky eye look of earthy tone colors. 

Overall, I was very pleased with all the products I purchased from Navalli Hill. I think the quality truly surpasses the price I paid for them and despite knowing I don't actually need any of the products above since I already have something very similar, I believe it was money WELL WORTH SPENDING. I highly recommend this brand to all girls who have not tried yet. I am sure you will be blown away as well. If you interested and would like to place an order, please visit my online beauty store here or private message me at Beauty ChAmber's Facebook page.
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  1. Hi Amber! Great new blog and great swatches too! Everything looks so pretty, especially the blushes and cream eyeshadows. Best wishes ~


  2. I love the orange/peach look for spring and summer. You put so much time into your blog entries. Koodos :)


    1. Yes, I love it too! I find that the orange/peach color just looks so much more elegant than the regular pink tones. Yes, I do but it's what I love to do =).


  3. Amber!

    I love your blog and all your makeup advice, brings me back to the memories of our senior year when I went to your place to get ready :)

    Too bad I don't live in TW to try these products but they look so beautiful.

    Everyone - this girl was born to be a beauty guru!

    Add oil, Amber!

    - Nanz

    1. Hi Nancy!

      Thank you so much for your kind encouragements! And yes, I miss those innocent stress free high school days.
      Hopefully you will continue to support my blog and please spread the word about it~

      Amber <3

  4. Dear Amber,
    I've checked navlli's website and i'm interested in buying their newest foundation with spf50.but i don't see whatbshades are available. Please help me. Thanks. I can't read chinese. Thanks.
    Elaine (

    1. Hi Elaine,

      The reason you don't see any shades available because it only comes in one shade that is suitable for most Asian skin tone. It's only if you are very tanned or very pale, then the shade of this foundation is not suitable for you. Hopefully I answered your question and let me know if you have any other concerns =).


  5. My skin color is not too dark and not too fair. So i think I can buy this foundation right? ;) or how about the correcting foundation that u tried? My shade will be bronze? Or peach? Thanks Amber.

  6. Do you think you can provide me information of the shade you use with your other foundation? I think it will help me access whether the foundation is the right shade for you and what shade to choose for the correcting primer.


  7. Thanks for the reply amber i am using saffron whisper from nuskin liquid foundation yellowish shade natural beige is dark for my skin. ;) i also wanna try nvalli's primer but i dunno whicklh one should i get. My skin is normal to oily during summer.winter it's normal to dry. Thanks so much.
    Elaine ; )

  8. Amber i tried the long lasting liquid foundation with spf 50! it's fabulous on my skin. =)

    1. That's great!! I am so glad I was able to help you out with the purchase and you like the product =).

  9. hi amber can i know where can i buy the navalli hills foundation?
    thanks. amanda

    1. Hi Amanda~ you can buy it at my online shop! The link is below: