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[Share❤] Hottest 2013 Summer Fashion Trends ❤ ViVi 2013.07 Issue

Hey guys! I am so sorry about the lack of update this week. There are so many things that I want to share with you but I have been so busy with moving to my new apartment over the weekend and just dealing with some unexpected problems that surfaced after I moved in such as the AC not working. You are probably thinking how is it possible that I could survive under 32+°C weather without AC. I can't, to be honest, but I have to suck it up and go on with my daily routines even though I have been extra cranky and agitated all week and I can't seem to focus with the tasks at hand. Hopefully, I will be able to have it fixed by the end of the week because I can't possibly film a video tutorial when it's 30°C in my room! =(

Anyways, so despite being so busy with packing and dealing with problems all week, I had the time to pick up the newest issue of the Taiwanese version of ViVi. Since I was unable to really sit down and do a makeup tutorial, be it with camera or recorder, I figured I should share with all you lovelies some of the must-know fashion trends this summer. From bold graphic prints to monochrome colour play are all indicators for this season's must-try trends. We're craving jumbo statement stripes and faux flower florals so read on to discover your fave new trend for spring based on the ones I really liked and are more my cup of tea. Enjoy!!

Please note that I do not take credits for these photos. All copyrights belong to ViVi. 
This issue's main trend focus is unrestrained LA style with urban chic and it totally fits with my favorite summer looks! It's not too girly and the colors and patterns stay simple yet you are able to look vibrant and summery at the same time. I call it adding a fun womanly twist to street style and this year, with the continuous uprising popularity of K-Pop, this type of style with a bit of boyish street element is so IN!
The flower/resort prints are still in trends this year. If you are going for a full body suit or dress, try bold clever prints and it will surely make you stand out. For complex flower prints, try topping it with a simple white t-shirt or tank and you'll be good to go!
With the incredible popularity of K-Pop worldwide, Korean fashion has also impacted the direction of current trends significantly. The mix and match between sporty accessories such as fitted caps and sneakers brings a transitioned hip hop element to our daily wear. 
A unique oversized/cropped tees is a must have this season! Pair it with a mini skirt and wedges for a perfect summer outfit. This trend of high street combined with high fashion is set to grow into Fall 2013. 
Showing a little bit of skin is a great way to play up sexiness without looking trashy. A cropped corset top with a high waist skirt or a one-piece with subtle cutouts will definitely increase your fashion sense.  
Extension of the previous quarter's all white trend has continued to glow in Summer 2013. As the old saying goes, when it's white it is definitely right. The panache of minimalism is presented in all types of forms; whether it's abstract, stripes or design outlines. I have always adored the simplicity of a no nonsense approach to style. Lime green is also a color to watch for on the hit list. 

Like I mentioned earlier, prints are huge this summer. Updated antique prints, large scale blooms and tropical visuals are the strongest highlights of Spring/Summer 2013 so be sure you are on the lookout for them when you go shopping. 
Royal blue is also another color to pay attention to this season. Also, the luxurious baroque print has continued into this season, but the key to great fashion sense for the summer is to keep your outfits sweet, sophisticated and sharp at the same time. 
My current favorite Taiwanese based makeup brand, Miss Hana, is also featured and recommended in this issue! I must highly recommend once again to all my readers this brand's eyeliners. The quality is just incredible! I promise you it would be the best eyeliner you've ever tried that you would hate yourself for not knowing it sooner!
It is definitely all about the denim bottoms this summer! High waisted denim items, embellished jean shorts, neon-colored jeans are must have pieces in your closet! Play up your style by switching between your skinnies and boyfriend styled cropped jeans.
High waist everything this summer including your jeans, shorts and skirts. This 80's look is definitely making it's comeback in 2013.

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