Friday, 21 June 2013

Christine Ladies Argireline Ultra Tightening X Whitening Masks Review

A woman's diet changes throughout the course of their life. It changes in their 20s, 30s, and so on. So why should your skin be any different? What worked for you when you are 19 will not work for you when you are 25. Of course, everyone knows that the biggest cause for wrinkles is age but there are ways that can make you wrinkle-free for a longer period of time and the key is to ACT NOW. It is very important to start caring for your skin at an earlier age rather than wait til you are 30. Because your collagen production and cell renewal is slowing down, so environmental issues can play a heavier role since your cells aren't regenerating as often, you need to rely on other sources to solve these problems. And over the past 3 years, my biggest helper was great masks. After I came back to Taiwan, I came across this local skin care brand that is only sold in specific high end salons and through online distribution. After reading about this brand, I decided to give it a try and completely fell in love with their masks! I've been using them at least twice a week for the past month and I noticed a genuine improvement in my skin. People always say you should never keep the goodies to yourself so I decided to do a review on their masks.
I purchased the brand's best selling product which is the Argireline Ultra Tightening Mask and their newest addition which is the Ultra Whitening Mask. The tightening mask has received an Exceptional Performance award by FG who conducted an extensive study on women from the age of 25-35 with experience of this product, and came out with an amazing score of 9 on a 10 scale rate. 

What makes this mask stand out among millions of others in the market is that it uses Japan's invisible mask fabric which is 100% cotton fabric with thickness of only 0.03cm. It is able to fully absorb 20ml  of essence.Using skin density difference principle, it allows the essence to be quickly transferred to the underlying skin with zero distance between the skin and mask; penetrating the barrier of skin cells so the essence can be 100% utilized. 
EFFECTS: Protect skin tissues, repair damaged cells, smooth fine lines, tighten, whiten and moisturize and to increase skin radiance, keeping it in its best condition.  

This mask really feels amazing on my skin! Because my skin is very dry, very often right after I wash my face and apply masks, I feel an uncomfortable sting and lasts for at least a couple of minutes. I just finished showering that day as well which would make my skin even drier than usual. With Christine Ladies, I didn't feel any discomfort at all! I can move around and go on with my tasks without having to worry the mask would fall off. It literally feels like my second skin! I was honestly blown away at the quality of this mask with the price I paid for. Also, after I took out the mask, there was so much left over essence left in the packet so I squeezed it out and applied a generous amount to my neck and collar bones as well. 
The above photo was taken with a decent digital camera right after I pealed off the mask. There was absolutely no alteration or photoshop. This is a 100% genuine test of how well this mask works. I was surprised how good my skin looked! The  minor redness disappeared and skin is looked so healthy and rejuvenated. The level of moisture it provided was incredible too! I rate this mask a definite 5/5 and I would 100% repurchase this product again! I highly recommend this mask to everyone and I am sure you will not be disappointed as well. 

About 5 days after I tried the tightening mask, I tested the whitening mask right after I came out of the shower and cleansed my face. The whitening mask is a new product launched this year and it has received great reviews. 

Using the same type of technique and fabric as the tightening mask, the mask is designed to inhibit the activity of melanin pigmentation, whitening of any dark spots or scars while restoring the skin to a young, crystal clear, plump and bright condition. 
Hyaluronic acid
Long-lasting and quick high moisturizing features to ensure the skin becomes soft and smooth.
Ferulic acid compound of natural skin brightening agent
Whitens the skin while weakening the tyrosine enzyme activity, so skin appears younger.
Marine Collagen
Due to small molecular weight, it is easy to penetrate into the skin with moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, accelerate metabolism, making the skin more elastic and bright.
Placental extracts
With a special alkaline phosphatase, it helps with skin cell reproduction, resulting in finer and healthier looking skin.
Stimulates the growth of healthy cells, and promotes wound healing.
Vitamin C Glucose 
Long-acting vitamin C derivative effectively inhibits melanin synthesis. It also promotes collagen synthesis which strengthens the skin's stability and helps with wound healing and skin tissue repair.
Hydrolysed Silk
With the extraction of precious substances from the Silk: Fibroin, Protein and Q10, the micro-molecule protein hydrolysate has outstanding feature which is suitable for the skin. Protein Hydrolysate creates excellent film forming ability, rids of uncomfortable stickiness and gives hair and skin glow, moisture, softness and elasticity. 

Christine Ladies' whitening mask did not disappoint me as well! It felt so great on the skin without any discomfort and the quality is as good as the tightening masks with 20mL of essence! It is obvious that Christine Ladies has done an awesome job at quality control, ensuring every piece of mask is sent off to it's buyer with the perfection. I am a huge fan of whitening masks. Almost 60% of the masks I use are target whitening effects and I must say Christine Ladies has definitely climbed up to my top 3 best list. 

The above photo was taken with the same digital camera right after I pealed off the mask. Again, no alteration or photoshop. My skin really did appear a bit whitened and my freckles were less visible. Also, my skin had a healthy glow and was sufficiently hydrated. I rate this mask a definite 5/5 and I would 100% repurchase this product again. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Christine Ladies masks. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I think it beats pretty much 90% of the masks I have used in the past and most of the very expensive counter brands as well. I highly recommend Christine Ladies to all you girlies and I am sure you would fall in love with it as I have =). If you are interested in purchasing, please visit my online beauty store here or private message me at Beauty ChAmber's Facebook page.
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