Sunday, 23 June 2013

1028 Makeup Haul ❤ Smoky Cat Eyes Night Look Tutorial

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I got great feedback on my first video tutorial and I really appreciate all the encouragements and support for my new beauty shop and blog =). So as I promised, here is my second video tutorial! This time I am doing a much heavier look that is great for going out at night or attending parties/clubbing. I personally don't wear such heavy makeup very often since I quit partying long time ago lol but I still love experimenting with different products. It just so happens that the 1028 makeup haul was perfect for neutral shade smoky cat eyes look, so I figured why not? So here it is and I hope you guys will enjoy it  

1028 Visual Therapy Cosmetics Makeup Haul (From left to right):

  • Toffee Eyes Set (The eye shadow palette, eye liner pencil in brown, eye & lip makeup remover)
  • Brownie Eyes Palette
  • BB Foundation Primer with built in concealer
  • Waterproof Eye brow Pencil
  • Classic Smoky Eyes Palette 
  • Dual Blush Compact
  • HA Hydrating Compact Powder SPF25
  • Dual Tone Flawless Concealer

The smoky cat eye look I created with the products above from 1028 =).
Detailed list of all products that I used for this look:
1. 1028 BB primer
2. 1028 Dual Tone Concealer
3. 1028 Hydrating Powder Compact in #01
4. 1028 Waterproof Eyebrow Liner in Light Brown
5. KATE Eyebrow Palette in EX-4
6. Integrate Eyebrow Palette in BR731
7. Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara in Light Brown
8. 1028 Dual Blush Compact
9. NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
10. 1028 Waterproof Eye Liner in Brown
11. 1028 Toffee Eye Shadow Palette
12. 1028 Classic Smoky Eyes Palette
13. Bonavoce Black Liquid Liner
14. Bonavoce Lengthening Mascara
15. Miss Bow Bow False Lash #112
16. 3 Concept Eyes Lipstick in #504
17. YSL Rouge Pur lipstick in #144

Other than the numerous products I got from 1028, I also purchased 2 things from BONAVOCE and 2 brushes which I also used in this tutorial. I was very pleased with the BONAVOCE products, especially the liquid eyeliner, but what absolutely blew me away were the brushes! I bought the Dior Backstage Professional Finish Fluid Foundation Brush and BonTon Small Contour Brush. BonTon is a Taiwanese based company that specializes in cosmetic brushes. Each BonTon makeup brush is hand-crafted through complicated processes, such as arranging, brushing, tying and trimming and most of their brushes are made from 100% genuine hairs. I bought this brush because I have not seen a contour brush that small. It is so perfect for contouring small areas such as inner sockets for shadowing the nose. The hairs are very soft and so far not a single piece of hair has fallen. But I still gotta admit the highlight and best investment of this week's makeup haul has gotta be the Dior Foundation Brush! Yes, it is pricey ($1760TWD so about $60US) but trust me, you will not regret buying it! It is definitely an excellent investment that is so worth spending the price! I've always liked MAC brushes but after using this Dior brush, I think my MAC190 will be put away for quite some time. What makes this Dior brush so special is that the shape of the hairs is actually slanted and I usually get lines when I apply foundation with a brush but this! I did not see any lines at all and it sets the foundation so incredibly well making the skin look flawless yet light weight! I have taken numerous photos so see for yourself =). 

I believe this brush came out in September last year so those of you who have not tried it, you must go out and get one! Trust me, it is SO worth it!

And here's the video tutorial for this look! You will see the two new brushes put to work in the video so enjoy =).
Overall, I was quite pleased with the 1028 makeup haul. I particularly liked the compact powder. Some people call it the "Giorgio Armani" in drug store brands and after trying it, I think its quality definitely deserves that name. I really liked the eyebrow pencil as well. The flat shape of the pencil makes drawing fine lines easier at the ends. The pigmentation of the shadows were decent as well. All in all, I think all of 1028's products would be a great investment considering the prices for them.

So I've been going crazy online shopping for new cosmetics that I actually don't need this past week. I literally spent at least 1g in USD on cosmetics and skin care =(. I think it's time I put my credit card away for good. What can I say? I am such a makeup junkie! But on the good side, there will be plenty of reviews and tutorials coming up for the rest of the month! So excited! So stay tuned 
If you are interested in buying any of the products I used in my tutorial, please visit my shop at Beauty ChAmnber or private message me through my Facebook page.



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