Sunday, 28 July 2013

[Video] GIVEAWAY: Everyday Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

I had some viewers who asked me about my skin care routine so here it is! I will start off with the skin care products that I use during the day before I apply makeup.

Because my skin is always so dry after I cleanse my face, I spray the Avene thermal spring water all over the face to calm and sooth the tightness and redness. After a couple minutes, I proceed with my DIY mask. The purpose of this is to make sure my skin is hydrated enough before makeup application. There are 2 things that you need: layered cotton pads and a hydrolate that your skin is not sensitive to. It is best to use one that is 100% organic. The ones I use are 100% organic rose hydrolate from Anius and Ashadhi. I alternate between these two.

 Pour a generous amount onto the cotton pad and make sure the whole pad is completely soaked. Then peal the pad into 5 different layers and place them on your face. Make sure the areas that are most dry are covered so the nose, T-zone, chin and cheeks.

 I apply the Giorgio Armani youth regenerator essence then follow with either one of my two favorite toners which are the Senka Hoshitsu hydrating toner or the +ONE% aqua source toning lotion (shown in the first picture). Then I apply the youth maintenance serum and rose serum from Dr. Sebagh. I use 3 full tubes of the travel size and 2 drops of the rose serum. Squeeze onto the palm of my hands and mix them together then apply evenly all over my face. I wait 5 minutes before I move on to the next step.
 Then I apply the YSL youth liberator eye zone serum followed by fermented eye cream from Sooryehan.
Lastly, I apply the DMS ultra hydrating moisturizer shown in picture 3.
If I don't plan to apply makeup on that day, my skin care routine is about the same except I will replace the Giorgio Armani essence with Dr. Sebagh serum repair.
As for night time, I replace the hydrating toner that I used in the morning with the fermented toner from Sooryehan shown in the picture above on the left. Everything else is the same except I will use the ReVive moisturizing renewal night cream instead of the DMS moisturizer.
For more details, please watch the video below =).
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